Winter’s Coming! Service Your Vehicle Today!

Three Simple Car Care Tips for Cold Winter Months

Preparing for winter is essential for not only maintaining the health of your vehicle but also for keeping you safe. Also, it can be quite simple and cost-effective. Check out our three car care tips below and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Change Your Oil: Your oil is the lubricant of your engine. When it is cold out then your oil becomes less effective. This is especially true if your oil is old and broken down. This causes excessive wear on your engine and can even reduce the life of it.
  • Swap Your Tires: It doesn’t matter if you’re from Green Bay or Ashwaubenon, no one wants to spend money on snow tires. But, snow tires make a world of difference in slippery conditions. They provide more grip and allow for more control on the road.
    They can also save you money in the long-run. How? Well, all-season tires and summer tires aren’t designed to be used in extremely cold conditions. They will wear out faster and will be required to be changed sooner. Be sure to visit our Howard area service center and have your tires swapped at the first sign of snow!
  • Refill Your Wiper Fluid: Every storybook describes snow as white and fluffy but the reality is that snow can be very dirty and slushy. That grime can end up on your windshield and obstruct your view. Be sure to visit our parts center near De Pere for wiper fluid. If you need help filling it then ask the folks at our service center and they will be able to help you.
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